Picking out cabinetry, countertops, flooring or anything new for your home can be overwhelming. RockFab offers free design services. All members of the sales staff have experience in selecting cabinetry, hardware, flooring, lighting and everything in between!

No appointment is necessary. Just drop in during regular business hours to get help planning and designing your kitchen, beth or flooring project.

Feel free to bring cabinet doors, knobs, paint samples, tile, husbands, wives, friends or any other item that will help with the coordination of your project. It’s all about getting the look that you want, within your budget, and we can help you put it all together quickly and painlessly!

From backsplashes to flooring to shower surrounds, finish your space in style by adding the great look of tile. From simple single-color designs to elaborate inlays and mixes, tile can be the perfect complement to stone countertops, showers and tub surrounds to create a unique and impressive bath or kitchen look. Let us help you sort out all the possibilities and make sure the final coordinated result is exactly what you imagined.

Visit Our Showroom

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What to bring

To really visualize your project details, think about bringing the following items with you (as applicable):

  • Cabinet door
  • Measurements, sketches, diagrams, layouts
  • Flooring sample
  • Inspirational pictures
  • Pictures of area to be remodeled
  • Paint samples

Envision the end result before it’s cut and in your home! We build a physical template of your project and spend some time with you examining how this should be placed in your space. This ensurers the “movement” is fluid from cut to cut throughout the room.